New Album – Grounded

Grounded comes out on August 20th! My tenth album and first done almost entirely solo. I bought some recording equipment and software last year and taught myself to engineer, so I recorded these tracks in my guest bedroom at home in Denver. Mixing and mastering is beyond my pay grade, still, so I sent the album to my good friend Nate Edwards for those steps, who kept a light, warm touch with the recordings. I designed it, shipped it off to Sooper Dooper for CD pressing in Wisconsin, and here it is. Available only at my Bandcamp – – in CD, digital downloads, and for streaming. Shipping this week, release show 8/21 at the Broadway Roxy!

No Depression reviews Early Riser

“Throughout Early Riser, Statz showcases the tremendous band he surrounded himself with — including Billy Conway on drums and Jeremy Moses Curtis on bass — while shining a light on his own stunning songwriting skills.

He pivots from singing about his own privilege on the jaw-dropping “What Would You Call That” — “As I enjoy, as I inhale / Thousands of people still sittin’ in jail / And I can go anywhere” — to lamenting his complete lack of survival skills on “Take Me in the First Wave” — “I ain’t got, I ain’t got no basement bunker or canned goods or a gun or a plan / I’ll just be, I’ll just be sitting on my back porch, just my cat, some books, my guitar, and weed.” Regardless of where Statz draws inspiration, though, his voice and focus are clear on every track as he strives to give listeners something to cling to.”

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Early Riser released!

It was somewhere in England while on tour in September of 2019 that Colorado songwriter John Statz – stressed out by rainy days, Brexit anxiety, and a disintegrating relationship back home – began to feel optimistic and plan his new record. Early Riser is a balancing act between the experiences in modern life that cause us worry or pain and those that bring us joy. The album is very much a product of the year 2019 and the cultural scene at the end of a decade, with songs referencing political divisions over Brexit, the destruction of Notre Dame, and the racist dog-whistles of a xenophobic president. John presents those weighty topics alongside more personal songs of reverence for travel and the outdoors, falling in and out of love, and his parents’ relationship. These songs are brought to life by an ace band featuring Billy Conway (Morphine) on drums, Jeremy Moses Curtis (Booker T) on bass, and Denver multi-instrumentalist Kate Hannington on keys, backing vocals, woodwinds, and guitars.

Listen and Download:

“What Would You Call That?”

Brand new single released into the world today!

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Produced by John Statz, Kate Hannington, Billy Conway, and Jeremy Moses Curtis

John Statz: vocals, acoustic guitar, trombone
Kate Hannington: vocals, Hammond B3, Rhodes piano
Jeremy Moses Curtis: electric bass
Billy Conway: drums
Christine Palmer: trumpet

Engineered by John Macy at Mighty Fine Studios, Denver, CO, December 2019 – February 2020, assisted by Loren Dorland

Mixed by John Macy at Mighty Fine Studios, Denver, CO, February/March 2020, assisted by Loren Dorland

Mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering, Nashville, TN, March/April 2020

written by John Statz (BMI) and Kate Hannington (BMI)

Photo by Eric Vandeveld

April Tour Canceled

I was really looking to forward to having a packed April full of shows and I guess… now we’re all just wide open and at home. I’m sorry to say that these shows have all been canceled or postponed, my agent Tyler and I are working hard at moving them all into the summer, so stay tuned, I’ll still get to all of these places down the road.

As for myself? I’m still working my part-time job at the tile company, for now, and when I’m home I’m just going to cook and bake tasty things, write some new songs, play board games with my roommates, and read a whole lot. This situation is entirely unexpected, but we all have to take the best from it. Remember that you can still go for walks outside, as long as you stay six feet away from people, and that you still need sun and exercise. I’ll have some new songs coming out during this time, and so many others will, too, so keep your ears open for new music to help you through!

As with everyone else, the cancellation of these shows does have an impact, and if you feel so inclined you can buy digital downloads, CDs, and vinyl records at But I know that there are people who are and will be hurting worse than me, let’s all just help each other out, friends, family, neighbors, and strangers, wherever we are able.

Stay safe, try to stay healthy, and love to all of you.