Wisconsin (Mostly) with a Band





Wednesday, March 8th – *Solo* at the Cafe Carpe, Ft. Atkinson, WI
7:30 pm – Tickets are $10, reserve early

Thursday, March 9th – *Trio* at Kavarna, Green Bay, WI with Hayward Williams
  7 pm – More info

Friday, March 10th – *Trio* at Minocqua Brewing Company, Minocqua, WI
8 pm – 21+

Saturday, March 11th – *Full Band* at the Crystal Corner Bar, Madison, WI
9:30 pm – 21+
*Trio shows will feature Robby Schiller (Blueheels) on bass and Chris Sasman (Josh Harty, Blake Thomas) on drums.
*Full band is Robby and Chris plus Jeremiah Nelson on electric guitar.

The Fire Sermon

Visit the Kickstarter project to learn more

I have been writing love songs lately, specifically about the kinds of romantic love that burn. Namely, all of them. When we first enter a new relationship we are filled with burning desire. Sometimes we later take those same relationships for granted and seemingly burn right through them. At the end we might find ourselves literally burning old love notes, or simply bridges, which turns out to be an excellent time to listen to that fire in our bellies. Hit the road, see something new, spend time on ourselves before striking a new match.

This album and these songs are partially my story, partially your story, partially his story, and partially her story. THE FIRE SERMON presents ten brand new songs, each of them about relationships in different places, while also suggesting a larger album-long narrative for the listener to discover.

This past summer while backpacking in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming I spent several afternoon thunderstorms huddled in the tent, trying to make some sense of the lengthy and heavily-annotated poem, The Wasteland, by T.S. Eliot. (I’d needed a really light book for the sake of the weight on my back, but light reading it was not.) I was particularly taken with the third section of the poem, entitled “The Fire Sermon”, with endnotes informing me that the name was taken from “a sermon by the Buddha denouncing the fires of passion, hatred, and infatuation with which the senses burn.” At the very end of the section Eliot simply repeats, “Burning burning burning burning.”

While the album has been recorded and paid for up to this point, there is much to pay for yet, including:

* Mixing
* Mastering
* Pressing physical copies – both CD and Vinyl
* Artwork
* Website re-design
* Publicity
* Radio campaign

As for the pre-order and the other associated rewards, there are a couple of exciting things worth pointing out:

* All orders (with the exception of the digital-only $10 level) will come with a special 8-song EP which will only be available to Kickstarter backers. This EP features 6 alternate acoustic versions of songs from the new record, and 2 entirely new songs that did not make the cut this time around. Half of them are solo and the other half feature Melissa McGinley (The Stereofidelics) on fiddle and harmonies. These recordings will never be released in any other fashion.

* You will notice a limited amount of earlybird-priced copies of both the CD and LP (vinyl). Save $3 on either and order early!

Thank you so much for your support!


TULSA for FREE & Midwest to Rockies Tour

TULSA came out almost one year ago, March 10th, 2015. In honor I thought that I would
offer it up for the next week and a half for nothing. All you have to do is visit
johnstatz.bandcamp.com and name your own price under the “Buy Now” feature.
Absolutely feel free to enter zero, it’ll just ask for your email address for the mailing list,
which you can totally unsubscribe from if you find my monthly digital ramblings
boring or incoherent.

Oh, and if you would pass this offer on to any friends you think might be interested,
well, that would be really swell.

Full details over at the calendar page