Chicago with Alice Peacock

One week from tonight (November 21st) I will be opening for my friend Alice Peacock at Evanston’s S.P.A.C.E. Really looking forward to this one, and we have a few collaborative ideas in the works for the show that I am psyched about. Plus,I love Chicago. Almost moved there instead of Denver, in fact, but it turns out that Illinois lacks mountains.

Also coming up, on Friday, November 27th, the day after Thanksgiving, I will be doing a “New Hometown Show” in Fraser, Colorado. My parents, in their infinite wisdom, followed me out to the lovely Centennial and retired an hour and a half outside of Denver in Fraser. So lucky me, for Thanksgiving instead of hauling my butt back to Wisconsin I just drive an hour and a half up into the mountains and get to hop on my snowboard for a day. And play a show, check the calendar page for details.

As far as December and January go, there are more Colorado shows, a run of dates in Wisconsin, and then a return to Washington and Oregon. Stay tuned!