April Tour Canceled

I was really looking to forward to having a packed April full of shows and I guess… now we’re all just wide open and at home. I’m sorry to say that these shows have all been canceled or postponed, my agent Tyler and I are working hard at moving them all into the summer, so stay tuned, I’ll still get to all of these places down the road.

As for myself? I’m still working my part-time job at the tile company, for now, and when I’m home I’m just going to cook and bake tasty things, write some new songs, play board games with my roommates, and read a whole lot. This situation is entirely unexpected, but we all have to take the best from it. Remember that you can still go for walks outside, as long as you stay six feet away from people, and that you still need sun and exercise. I’ll have some new songs coming out during this time, and so many others will, too, so keep your ears open for new music to help you through!

As with everyone else, the cancellation of these shows does have an impact, and if you feel so inclined you can buy digital downloads, CDs, and vinyl records at http://johnstatz.bandcamp.com. But I know that there are people who are and will be hurting worse than me, let’s all just help each other out, friends, family, neighbors, and strangers, wherever we are able.

Stay safe, try to stay healthy, and love to all of you.


UK Tour – September ’19

Sept. 19 – Ophelia’s Cocktail Lounge, London
Sept. 20 – Thimblemill Library, Smethwick
Sept. 21 – Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sept. 23 – The Greystones, Sheffield
Sept. 24 – The Bristol Fringe, Bristol
Sept. 25 – The Wight Bear Ale House, Bournemouth
Sept. 26 – Kingsmead House Concerts, High Wycombe
Sept. 27 – The Square & Compass, Swanage
Sept. 28 – Desford Village Hall, Desford
Sept. 29 – Running Horse Pub, Nottingham

More details and tickets over at the calendar page!

Midwest / Songwriter Serenade

Hitting the road this April with Nashville songwriter Kyle Cox and we’re playing some of my favorite Midwestern locales! Come out and see us:

for more info visit the calendar page

Also, I am honored to be a semi-finalist in the Songwriter Serenade Competition, to be held next month in Moravia, Texas on May 4th! If you happen to be down in Texas come on out, there are tickets available and it will be my first time playing in the state in a full decade.

Ireland/UK with Megan Burtt in October







All dates co-billed with Megan Burtt

(listed date/month)
11/10 – Workman’s Club (Vintage Room), Dublin, Ireland
12/10 – Levis Corner House, Ballydehob, Ireland
13/10 – TBA, Ireland
14/10 – House Concert, Howth, Ireland
15/10 – Ballymore Acoustic at Mick Murphy’s, Ballymore Eustace, Ireland
16/10 – Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
17/10 – American Bar, Belfast, UK

18/10 – Private Event, Liverpool, UK
19/10 – Shakespeare’s, Sheffield, UK
20/10 – Thimblemill Library, Smethwick, UK
21/10 – Private Event, Manchester, UK
23/10 – The Harrison, London, UK
24/10 – Running Horse, Nottingham, UK
25/10 – St. Peter’s, Sudbury, UK
26/10 – Sir John Moore Academy, Appleby Magna, UK
27/10 – The Old Stables, Swanage, UK

Darkness on the San Juans released!

Darkness on the San Juans is out now! Order physical copies (CD & vinyl), digital downloads, or stream at John’s Bandcamp store, and also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else music is generally available these days.

Some early praise:

“…the more you dive into the album, the more the originality and intricacies shine. His personality is woven into his songs, almost as if by listening to Darkness on the San Juans you’re making an attempt to get to know Statz personally. He’s a professional at putting his listeners in his shoes.”
303 Magazine, Denver, Colorado

“A rare East Coast visit from Denver-based singer-songwriter John Statz, who has managed to put out seven records in a little over a decade’s time while staying under the radar, and whose music — electric, urgent folk; aching, sweet country-rock — makes you wonder why that is the case.”
The Boston Globe

“I should know about John Statz. Embarrassed that I don’t.  He’s got eight studio albums under his belt.  I can’t turn back the clock and listen to all those records so I’m going to have to take this one on it’s own merits… and I heartily recommend.”