New Album Announcement!

John Statz – NEW Album and Kickstarter Campaign from Matt Woods on Vimeo.

For more info, visit John’s Kickstarter page.

The time is rapidly approaching, and I’m getting very excited to start recording my fourth studio album, “Old Fashioned”. I have a batch of brand new tunes, all written in the last year, and am hoping to write a few more this summer before recording starts to have a nice selection.

In late August, I’ll be heading to Iowa City to work with legendary producer Bo Ramsey (, who has worked with folks like Lucinda Williams, Greg Brown, Jeffrey Foucault, Calexico, Pieta Brown, and The Pines. Not only will he be producing the record, but he will also be playing guitar throughout. Bo Ramsey is a badass. I am pumped.

Because I don’t have a record label, I’m using Kickstarter to help fund the album. A lot of costs go into releasing a record, with the big one this time around being Bo Ramsey’s fee for producing the album. In addition, I’ll be paying musicians to play on the record. I’m hoping to bring some talented Wisconsin folks from previous releases down to Iowa to record with us, and also enlist some Iowa City musicians as well. After the recording sessions are over, the album will need to be mixed and mastered (mastering will be done by Justin Perkins in Milwaukee), and then printed and pressed, and promoted. All of these things cost a lot of money, and that is where this campaign comes in.

New Praise For Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns has been nominated for a Madison Area Music Award for “Folk/Americana Album of the Year”! Read about it, and vote, here.

“…a very fine album from the first note to the last word.”

One Chord To Another – Finland

“… a poignant album about the desolation and decay that like the bullet holes featured in the cover art, riddle the modern world.:

Record Dept. Music Reviews – Oregon

Wisconsin Unrest – Thank Unions and Teachers

Though I live in Colorado now, my thoughts this week rest firmly with Wisconsin. Proud of all of the protests surrounding the capitol, don’t give in to governmental bullying.

“It is essential that there should be organization of labor. This is an era of organization. Capital organizes and therefore labor must organize.”
–Theodore Roosevelt

I wrote this song tonight for solidarity. It is available to stream, or for free download at Feel free to do whatever you please with the song.

Thank unions,
Thank teachers.

5 Year Anniversary for “Dusk Came Slow”

John’s first album, Dusk Came Slow, was released 5 years ago tomorrow (2/03/06), back when he was a college student at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh in his last semester. Dusk went on to receive the Madison Area Music Award (Madison, WI) for “Folk/Americana Album of the Year” in 2007. So much has changed since this first, humble release, including two more full-length studio albums (Our Love Was Made For Canada and Ghost Towns), a live album (An Evening With John Statz) and this year’s new EP (The Budapest Sessions). Also, John went from playing shows around Wisconsin’s Fox Valley region around the time of the first album’s release, to, at present, having played in 31 states (including Alaska), 5 Canadian cities, and 8 European countries.

A lot has, indeed, changed. In honor of the first batch of songs, download your copy for pay-what-you-want (or nothing at all), or order a physical copy for a mere $6 from John’s Bandcamp store.