5 Year Anniversary for “Dusk Came Slow”

John’s first album, Dusk Came Slow, was released 5 years ago tomorrow (2/03/06), back when he was a college student at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh in his last semester. Dusk went on to receive the Madison Area Music Award (Madison, WI) for “Folk/Americana Album of the Year” in 2007. So much has changed since this first, humble release, including two more full-length studio albums (Our Love Was Made For Canada and Ghost Towns), a live album (An Evening With John Statz) and this year’s new EP (The Budapest Sessions). Also, John went from playing shows around Wisconsin’s Fox Valley region around the time of the first album’s release, to, at present, having played in 31 states (including Alaska), 5 Canadian cities, and 8 European countries.

A lot has, indeed, changed. In honor of the first batch of songs, download your copy for pay-what-you-want (or nothing at all), or order a physical copy for a mere $6 from John’s Bandcamp store.