It’s a real deal record now.

My first album came out in 2006, the same year I began touring, and here we are eleven years later and I FINALLY have a real record out. I’ve been a fan of vinyl ever since my dad gave me his old turntable and small record collection (mostly Emmylou Harris and John Denver) when I went off to college. I still use the same stereo that he bought back in the 60’s, though I’ve since moved on to a new player. All that said, I’m incredibly excited to have an album I made out on the medium, and can’t wait for you guys to put the needle to it! You can pick up copiesĀ at my bandcamp store, but I only pressed 100 copies of this first edition, and 43 are already spoken for from the Kickstarter campaign, so get ’em while they’re hot! To celebrate this first limited vinyl release, each copy will come signed and numbered (out of 100) by me. And to all you Kickstarter backers, yours are going in the mail today, thank you once again so much for helping to make this possible!