Darkness on the San Juans released!

Darkness on the San Juans is out now! Order physical copies (CD & vinyl), digital downloads, or stream at John’s Bandcamp store, and also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else music is generally available these days.

Some early praise:

“…the more you dive into the album, the more the originality and intricacies shine. His personality is woven into his songs, almost as if by listening to Darkness on the San Juans you’re making an attempt to get to know Statz personally. He’s a professional at putting his listeners in his shoes.”
303 Magazine, Denver, Colorado

“A rare East Coast visit from Denver-based singer-songwriter John Statz, who has managed to put out seven records in a little over a decade’s time while staying under the radar, and whose music — electric, urgent folk; aching, sweet country-rock — makes you wonder why that is the case.”
The Boston Globe

“I should know about John Statz. Embarrassed that I don’t.  He’s got eight studio albums under his belt.  I can’t turn back the clock and listen to all those records so I’m going to have to take this one on it’s own merits… and I heartily recommend.”