Praise for Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns has been out for nearly a month now, and here is some of the early praise coming in from different review sources:

“…a collection of beautiful songs…”

“…musical fireworks…”

“…dense arrangements and ramshackle jalopies like “Disclaimer” make riding through a demilitarized zone in an old junker sound surprisingly comforting.”

The Onion – Madison, WI

“Though yet to be released, Ghost Towns may just be one of my new favorite albums of
the year.”

“I literally cannot say a bad thing about this album.”

“everyone is bound to find a song on Ghost Towns that they will fall in love with.”

The Scene – Appleton, WI

“Statz has built a reputation as one of Madison’s most adventurous touring musicians”

“Ghost Towns makes it clear that Statz takes his art seriously. The album is a collection of rootsy folk-rock that travels through places, time and emotions.”

“The guitar twang on “Wichita Waltz” is halting and subdued, like the despair of lost love the song expresses.”

The Isthmus – Madison, WI

“Statz has really grown into a distinct sound since his last release and I expect he will continue to produce some great music as he keeps touring and taking inspiration from his travels.”

Nomad’s Playlist – UK

“The title is dark, but this release achieves a perfect balance between those upbeat folk-rock gems and the subdued singer-songwriter tracks. It’s great to hear John’s music fleshed out with a full band.”

5 Score Pachyderm – St. Louis, MO