Welcome to the New Website!

There’s been some changes around here… welcome to the NEW JohnStatz.com! Big props to Justin Self of Jade Raven Design for the slick design.

Lots of new things happening, and this is the best place to keep updated. The biggest piece of news is that the new album, Ghost Towns, has been released for compact disc and digital download over at the bandcamp site. The album was recorded mostly in the Madison, Wisconsin area, though two tracks were recorded while on tour in Budapest, Hungary, and with the exception of those two songs it is a full-band album. Check it out when you get a moment, you can stream every song for free!

Also, a November tour of the Midwest is on the horizon, so stay tuned, dates will be posted soon.

Hope you stick around and check out the new site a bit, it will probably be going through some further changes in the coming weeks, but this is the gist of it. Thanks for your interest and support, I wish you all the best!